$1.5 Trillion: What Lawyers Need to Know About Student Loan Law

Terry Lawson, Esq.
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Whether or not you realize it, some of your clients are being crushed by student loans. Total student loan debt exceeds $1.5 trillion, exceeding both auto or revolving credit debt. Student loan borrowers have crisis levels of debt. About 1 in 3 student loan borrowers are in default or nearly there. Loan servicer’s and debt collector’s errors (intentional or not) vex borrowers and result in bad outcomes. Lawyers can and should play a bigger part in this crisis. Come learn the basics of student loan law, and become part of the solution. This program is co-sponsored with Legal Services of Eastern Missouri.

Our speaker is Terry Lawson, Esq. of Legal Services of Eastern Missouri.  His work has focused on consumer protection, consumer debt defense, and consumer affirmative claims.

Fee: $25 (Free for Library Members and Legal Services Staff and SLU Law Students and Faculty)