Navigating the AI Revolution in Legal Practice: Opportunities and Challenges

CLE Date

This CLE program delves into the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the practice of law, offering an exploration from foundational AI concepts to its practical applications in legal settings. Participants will be introduced to AI technologies that streamline document management, enhance legal research, and automate contract analysis, while also navigating the ethical considerations and challenges inherent to AI integration. 

Our speaker is Scott Levine, Esq. of Aegis Law. Scott is an attorney and entrepreneur leading Aegis Law as its founder, guiding the firm's growth to include 40 attorneys across several cities. He also co-founded the iSelect Fund, a venture capital firm supporting innovative companies. Scott's expertise spans corporate law, securities, and mergers, with a strong focus on client success and business growth. His approach combines legal skill with business insights, offering comprehensive services to entrepreneurs and investors. This unique blend ensures client-focused solutions, making Scott a respected figure in both the legal and business communities. His contributions extend beyond practice to speaking engagements and publications on corporate ethics. 

Qualifies for 1.2 Missouri Bar CLE Credits. This is a virtual program.