The Other Wes Moore

Legally Reading: The Other Wes Moore

The Law Library Association is pleased to announce the second year of its collaboration with Saint Louis Public Library on a book discussion group focused on works of legal fiction and non-fiction. Our next selection is "The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates" by Wes Moore.


Terry Lawson, Esq.

$1.5 Trillion: What Lawyers Need to Know About Student Loan Law

Whether or not you realize it, some of your clients are being crushed by student loans. Total student loan debt exceeds $1.5 trillion, exceeding both auto or revolving credit debt. Student loan borrowers have crisis levels of debt. About 1 in 3 student loan borrowers are in default or nearly there. Loan servicer’s and debt collector’s errors (intentional or not) vex borrowers and result in bad outcomes. Lawyers can and should play a bigger part in this crisis. Come learn the basics of student loan law, and become part of the solution.

Ferne Wolf, Esq.

Civil Litigation Discovery: Navigating Document Production Issues

What do you do when production of documents requests in a lawsuit generate responses that violate the requirements of Missouri and Federal rules? Learn about the problems of the document dump and real life examples of how courts deal with these issues.