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Hal Goldsmith, Esq.

A View from the U.S. Attorney's Office: More Tales of Public Corruption Investigations and Prosecutions

Our speaker will discuss a number of St. Louis area federal investigations and prosecutions in the area of public corruption.  He will touch on the origins of the investigations, legal issues presented, investigative strategies and case outcomes, as best he can within the parameters of Department of Justice rules and guidelines.  There will be time for questions and comments as well.

Professor Michael-John Voss, Esq.

Lessons from Ferguson: Legal Reforms and Litigation Results to Address Systemic Inequities

Over the course of several years, our presenter and numerous colleagues researched constitutional violations occurring in the myriad of municipal courts in the St. Louis region. This work eventually led to class action civil rights lawsuits, legislation, and meaningful reforms, and was used as the template for the U.S. Department of Justice's Ferguson Report.