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Judge Katherine Fowler

Fundamentals of Motion Practice

Learn the fundamentals of bringing motions at the state court level at this CLE. Appropriate for newer attorneys as well as more experienced practitioners.   

Our presenter is Judge Katherine Fowler. Judge Fowler serves in the 22nd Judicial Circuit. She was appointed to the 22nd Judicial Circuit in 2017. Prior to that, she served as an Officer with the law firm of Greensfelder, Hemke & Gale, PC. 

Co-presenting with Judge Fowler will be Erika Reynolds, Esq. and Caitlyn Meyer, Esq., both from the Greensfelder firm. 

Morley Swingle, Jr., Esq.

Preparing for the Sentencing Phase of a Bifurcated Criminal Trial

Busy prosecutors and defense lawyers preparing for the guilt phase of a non-capital jury trial often do not adequately prepare for the sentencing stage. Learn more about how best to prepare for this important part of a criminal trial.