Available CLEs

Dayna Deck, Esq.

What you should know about COVID-19 and Equal Employment Laws

This program will cover what employers need to know about protecting the workplace and accommodating employees in the time of COVID. Our speaker will cover issues related to disability-related inquiries and medical exams, confidentiality, screening for COVID and reasonable accommodations.

Our speaker is Dayna Deck, Esq., Senior Trial Attorney with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Kansas City. She has decades of experience, both as an attorney in private practice and with the EEOC, as a litigator of employment related cases.   

This program will be an online webinar.

Don't be an anxious lawyer

The Anxious Lawyer: Best Practices for Managing Stress

Our November CLE webinar focuses on providing tips for attorneys on how to manage stress, both in these times of crisis and in normal times.

Practicing law has always been a stressful profession.  How do you make sure that you balance the demands of your job with the health and well-being necessary to live a balanced and fulfilling life?

Our speakers are Jimmy Fendelman, Esq. and Eric Banks, Esq. 

Jimmy Fendelman has been a trial attorney for twenty five years.  Mr. Fendelman has been speaking for seven years on the topics of stress management, communications skills and leadership skills for teens.  Mr. Fendelman has a blog, Surfing the Blender, devoted to the delicate art of staying sane in high-stress situations and has presented his mindfulness workshop, The Righting Reflex, for a wide variety of audiences.  He is known for his up-beat, high energy style and is a favorite of CLE audiences. 

Eric Kendall Banks was accepted to every law school where he applied except Harvard.  When he graduated from the University of Missouri School of Law in 1980, he was only the tenth African-American to have graduated during the school’s 107-year history. Banks, the former City Counselor for the City of St. Louis, has served as Counsel for many high stakes trials since returning to private practice in 1999. 

Banks has been a presenter at local and national Continuing Legal Education courses where he has taught classes on evidence, trial practice, business law and mediation techniques.  He has had articles published in a variety of periodicals.          After years of practicing hypnosis, Banks has completed his course work, passed his test and became a Certified Consulting Hypnotist.  His niche is working with attorneys to help their high-value witnesses and clients to become more confident and effective communicators.