The Freedom Suits

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The Freedom Suits is an exhibit created for the Law Library Association by the Missouri State Archives-St. Louis

The Freedom Suits exhibit will include original, rarely-seen court pleadings of three different types of claims made by enslaved people seeking their freedom.  The exhibit will also include explanatory panels about 

  1. Freedom suits in general – what were they and how did they work in the context of slavery in Missouri
  2. Freedom suits in St. Louis – highlights some of the freedom suits in St. Louis within the context of slavery in St. Louis
  3. Freedom suits in other parts of Missouri – highlights 20+ freedom suits from other parts of the state

Presenting sponsors:

Law Library Association of St. Louis

The Freedom Suits Memorial Foundation

Additional sponsors

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The Freedom Suits exhibit runs from Tuesday September 3 through Tuesday December 3, 2024.  

For more information and for sponsorship opportunities, contact Library Director Gail Wechsler at or 314-622-4470.

More information about the exhibit coming soon!