The Bill of the Century

Legally Reading: The Bill of the Century

The Law Library Association is pleased to announce its collaboration with Saint Louis Public Library on a book discussion group focused on works of legal fiction and non-fiction.


Javad Khazaeli

Immigration Law--with Javad Khazaeli, Esq.

Hear from a former ICE prosecutor and current private bar attorney as he describes the seismic changes to immigration policy under the Trump administration and how these changes require increased vigilance in all legal matter related to foreign nationals.

Professor Francis Nevins, Esq.

When Bodies of Law Collide: Copyright, Estates, Divorce

What happens when the law and legal precedents create internal challenges, particularly in the intersections between copyright law, matrimonial law and estate law? Learn about some of the most interesting cases involving this intersection, including the case of the will of famed Missouri author Laura Ingalls Wilder (“Little House on the Prairie”).