Exhibit—Lawyers without Rights: Jewish Lawyers in Germany under the Third Reich

Lawyers without Rights Cover
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The Law Library Association of St. Louis is proud to announce that it is hosting the American Bar Association (ABA) Travelling Exhibit, Lawyers Without Rights:  Jewish Lawyers in Germany Under The Third Reich. The exhibit, never before seen in St. Louis, is at the Law Library Association from Sunday March 8, 2020 through November 15, 2021. [Please note this new and final extension for the exhibit.]

The Law Library is open to the public, but reservations are strongly recommended to see the exhibit. Individuals and groups of up to 25 people will be allowed in at a time. Masks and social distancing will be required. 

To make a reservation, email Library Director Gail Wechsler at gwechsler@llastl.org. Or call 314-622-4470. Reservations will be taken for Monday-Friday between 9 AM and 4 PM.

In addition to the Law Library Association, the exhibit is co-sponsored locally by ADL Heartland, the  St. Louis Kaplan Feldman Holocaust Museum, and the Jewish Federation of St. Louis-The Professional Society: Lawyers Division.

The exhibit consists of panels that tell the stories and describe the respective fates of dozen of attorneys and judges of Jewish descent who had their law licenses revoked under the Third Reich.

This exhibit, sadly, remains important and timely.  More than 70 years after its horrors unfolded, the Holocaust still has stories to reveal and lessons to share. This exhibit begins to provide a portrait of the fate of Jewish lawyers in Germany-stories that speak to how the Nazis purged Jewish lawyers as one of the early steps to attack the rule of law in their country.   

Learn more about and sign up for our closing lecture,  Discrimination, Degradation, Defiance:  Jewish Lawyers in Nazi Germany, which takes place on Tuesday November 9 (Kristallnacht). Go to our CLE page at llastl.org/CLE for more information and to sign up.